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Nadeen Green


Nan, I have always felt blessed that you are my friend. So many people have shared so many experiences with you (and share a wine two ) but you and I specifically share both the joys and Angst of being speakers in our beloved multifamily industry. Recently I recall that you were the one and only friend that I reached out to when I had someone who had been in my presentation the previous day call to tell me I was a Nazi! I can still remember how upset I was, where I was sitting when I got (Loraine's ) call and how I needed you to tell me that it was



alright. We commiserated that when we did conferences together we would obsess over the very few negative comments and not at all revel in the many Accolades we were given. We would both think, well 150 people really liked what we did but oh no ,oh no ,one of them didn't like us and we let that one outlier freak us out. Not everyone would get us and why we react this way… But that is who we are. So hugs to you, dear lady. You and I never miss the opportunityto hug when we were together and you are so in my thoughts that we are together now I love you , Nadeen

Chris Donnantuoni


Where do I start? Perhaps with the simple words "I love you". From the first time we met, some 34 years ago, I have been blessed to have you as a dear friend. The memories are countless; working together, standing by my side as my maid of honor on May 12, 1984, apartment assn meetings, our hilarious weekend reunion in Gainesville, humoring me through my mad crush on

Larry Cavallaro, our numerous escapades with Darling Teresa, father honey, and our last hurrah at Championsgate where we stayed up half the night laughing. my life has been touched by your grace, kindness and Never ending friendship and I will cherish you forever. God tends to take his angels much to soon and my heart breaks. Everyone who has had the privilege of knowing you has been blessed. I love you so much my dear, dear friend.

Leticia Smirl


 I had never seen apple orchards and I wanted to pick an apple. Nan says you can't do that, they will shoot you. So I ask can I pay them to pick an apple. Nan says no they won't allow it. I put on a sad face and all of a sudden she pulls over to the side of the road

and she says we both have to get out quickly and run and pick a few apples. I was scared to death but she convinced me and I did it! Then she tells me they won't shoot you, I know the owner. We laughed and laughed

Vicki Sharp

Nan Cavarretta was one of those very special people who I could always count on for a kind word, a great idea, and most of all, the biggest hug ever.  She never met a stranger, instead always welcoming new people into her work, her volunteerism, and her life.  When Nan made a commitment to get something done, the best thing you could do was to join her efforts, or get out of her way!

Nan, Suzanne, and I shared our love for red wine at every opportunity, and I will be ever so grateful that we had a chance to share in that passion just a few weeks before her passing.  We spent an afternoon together at Nan’s home, along with her closest friend, Donna, sharing old stories, solving the problems of the world, and most importantly, laughing together for hours.  It was the old Nan that we were spending time with.  The happy Nan we all knew before cancer.  I miss her every day.

Peggy Lugo

In 2013 I was nominated as the SEFAA regional Manager of the year.  The selection process included a five minute telephone interview with an unknown “panel” who ask everyone the same questions, were not allowed to comment or give any feedback on your responses, and awarded point on those responses to determine the winner.  .  Due to time conflicts my call took place on a Saturday, and when I answered the call, the voice on the phone sounded familiar, but I didn’t immediately know who it was.  As she asked me each questions about how I managed, what I felt was important, what I like about what I did, etc., there were a few giggles and several affirming comments about my having the right answer or approach.  After the final question the voice, who by now I was pretty sure was Nan, said that if she held up a mirror she felt as though she was the one talking. 

The night of the award banquet, Nan was at the event.  She came over and gave me a big hug, told me she wished me well and we hugged again.  After the award, when I had the award in hand, Nan came over to me, with tears in her eye, grabbed my face in her hands, and smiled in the way that only Nan could  She told me how happy she was that I won and that I deserved it.  That conversation meant more to me than the award itself.


Her joy, her smile, her willingness to share her knowledge and mentor everyone she touched is a legacy that will live on for years to come.

Lori Trainer



I don’t know where to begin when writing this letter except to say a few words.  The first word is WOW.  Wow, what an amazing woman you are.  Wow, what an inspiration you are.  Wow, what a living example of Christianity you are.  Wow, what a strong, intelligent and courageous person you are.  And most of all WOW what a heart you have.  I know I have shared with you before that I have never met another human being that reminded me more of my Mother than you.  You know that I loved my Mom with all of my heart and soul….and now you know how I feel about you. 

My next word is thank you.  Thank you for leading me.  Thank you for being my mentor.  From the very beginning in that crazy CAM class with Ron Ginsburg in his pajamas you were able to keep control of the class and still teach us the material (a true miracle!).    Thank you for sharing the front seat of the bus with me all those years to Tallahassee and keeping me company.   Thank you for sharing white wine with me when everyone else was drinking red wine.  Thank you for always having a smile on your face and a hug when I needed one.  Thank you for always being my Fair Housing expert when I called with my crazy “so, get a load of THIS….” situations.  You always knew what to do to keep us out of hot water and you never made me feel like I was bother you.  Thank you for so generously sharing your knowledge with all of us in the apartment industry for so many years.  You made us all better!

My last word is FAITH.  You are blessed with the faith and knowledge that God is in control.  As scary and things may seem at times we need to have faith that he knows what is best for us in the long run.  I have no doubt that if this horrible disease ultimately takes you from us on this earth it will only take you to a beautiful, peaceful and pain free place.  I pray for you daily that the peace of ultimate salvation is greater than the fear and pain you may be experiencing. 

One of my favorite songs from the musical Wicked sums it up:

It well may be
That we will never meet again
In this lifetime
So let me say before we part
So much of me
Is made of what I learned from you
You'll be with me
Like a handprint on my heart
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend...
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you
Because I knew you...
I have been changed for good...


April 2014


Love and Prayers Always,
Lori Trainer

Marsha and Bernard Kleinstub

It was July 1,1984 and we had just moved to Florida and arrived at Versailles at Rosemont apartments,  second floor apartment, only tenant in this new building, 96 degrees outside and no  air conditioning. 

I went to find out “where the hell” was the manager was and went to manager’s office. 

The manager was on the telephone, I heard her say; “what do you mean I can't get these shirts by Friday?”

I said “I can get them for you by Friday” and thus began my great friendship with Nan as well as my association with AAGO.

Nan proceeded in the following weeks to take me to all the Epoch properties

AAGO was small at that time some 30 years ago but it was a small family as it is a larger family today.

Nan became the head of this “family” by her unbelievable dedication to it, by always taking AAGO to a higher level. She never took “no” for an answer or turned anyone down for help and she always did it with a smile and determination.

I lost my best friend I ever had in my 30 years with AAGO but what she represents always will be left with so many of us.

Rest in peace Nan, you deserve it, you earned it and those of us are much better people because we were privileged to know and love you!

We talked about her progress at the time.   She talked about how her outlook had refocused her emphasis but not so much her priorities, as those were always consistently in a positive and loving place.


Her optimism and energy were still apparent, if behind slightly tired eyes.
She spoke in future terms of things planned into 2016.   She spoke of Donnie and her concern that he be okay.
We laughed and reminisced and thoroughly enjoyed our brief dinner together.
I read of her passing at mile marker 52 in Nashville where I pulled over and cried.  I loved her a great deal. She will always be a special person to me.
Nan was uniquely exceptional.

Tom Ray


I believe I first heard Nan speak while at a conference with UDR while I was a colleague (and more significantly - a very dear friend) with Kathy Ratchford. I was impressed with Nan's  command of a potentially uninteresting topic and how she made it interesting.
The next memory I have is being invited to a "late afternoon meeting" at Sam Sneads to discuss market conditions.  Kathy had included me and I remember how important and special I felt being asked to go.  Even nervous a little since my only knowledge of Nan was as a national speaker.   We discussed markets and as usually happened with Nan turned to everything else.  It was a pleasure to morph that association in a friendship that spanned my job changes, moves, family changes, a stay in her NC home -  and now time.

I treasure her visit last summer to Nashville (currently home) to connect with a professional friend of mine for business. She wanted to meet my new partner and I will always be thankful we shared that time.

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